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Learning how to live life abundantly:
mind, body & spirit

My name is Tammy Starforth, and I have been doing some form of artwork for as long as I can remember. Art is my therapy. I have repurposed furniture, designed all types of jewelry, crocheted, made fairy gardens and solar yard lights in the past. In the last five years, my medium has been paper quilling and mosaics. Paper quilling is a long-forgotten art that needs to be revived.


From the colors to the textures, beauty radiates from my pieces. Mosaics are pure joy to me. Whether it be a jewelry collage with stained glass incorporated or a regular mosaic piece, I enjoy building them tremendously. As an artist, I try to develop art that speaks to the purchaser and myself. I get my inspiration from just about everything! If it is something or someone people love, I try to quill or mosaic it. I bring the beauty out of normal everyday objects and repurposing things. 


But being a light to people I meet is what inspires me most. I get joy out of helping people with their identity and wrong thinking. It is my life's purpose to share my story, and how I overcame a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, clinical depression and major anxiety issues. I am inviting you to learn more about Living Life Abundantly, so if you're interested in joining me, please subscribe below. All it will cost you is your willingness to join some amazing people and grow with us into a better you!

You will learn things like how to be more aware and conscious of life's little moments. After all, life is made up of many, many little moments. It has taken me years to "unlearn" the things I was taught that made me struggle even more throughout my life. I don't want to see others struggle in areas I have overcome. Most of our problem is between our own ears, and the thoughts that we hold onto. Let's go on this adventure together and help each other to change whose voice we are listening to in our minds. There is more than one voice there!

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