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Simple Man

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

God is so good! His grace is so simple that sometimes it is easy to miss! All that you need, God placed in your spirit. The Holy Spirit dwells in you! He works through you when you rest and trust. His timing is always perfect. He arranges divine connections all the time. I have been yearning in my heart to be used of God. I strive over the thought that I am not doing more to reach people. And struggle with the unbelief that He could use me to help someone. He reminded me today, that he uses me all the time!

God wants us to be satisfied in the Finished Work of Jesus Christ and what He accomplished in us and through us. I am not a scholar, teacher or anything of the sort. I am just a simple "man". But GOD! He uses people right where they are at. Right in the middle of all there imperfection and struggles. Never underestimate His power. Never doubt that you are being used by God. Right where you are at. Stop listening to the accusing voices that you are not doing enough for the Lord. Christ in you will manifest when you rest and trust, and do not strive to be more in and of yourself. The bible teaches us in Col. 1:27 that God willed to make known this mystery among us, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory! Christ's spirit in us is our blood bought inheritance through Jesus.

A dear friend of ours was struggling with the gospel of Grace. Even though he is very knowledgeable about the Word of God, there were identity struggles going on. The verses in Hebrews 12 were confusing him, and putting him under major condemnation about certain circumstances in his life.

In my daily devotions and study every morning I used to listen to a certain pastor. In all the years I have been listening to him, I NEVER heard him preach on Esau, or Hebrews 12. So this morning, of all things, he was teaching on Hebrews 12! Even though I trust the Lord, and believe He uses ordinary people to help disciple one another, I was amazed at the timely showing of this teaching! I told my friend about the teaching, and I believe that God used this to help him overcome his unbelief! God uses simple men to plant seeds, and then others come along and water those seeds. You may never know this side of heaven how God is using to minister to His people. Trust that God has you right where he wants you! He is using you right where you are to be disciples of His Word and a testimony to others.

Simple Man Song by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mama told me when I was young Come sit beside me, my only son And listen closely to what I say And if you do this it'll help you some sunny day Oh, take your time don't live too fast Troubles will come and they will pass Go find a woman you'll find love And don't forget son there is someone up above And be a simple kind of man oh, Be something you love and understand Baby be a simple kind of man

Oh, won't you do this for me son if you can? Forget your lust for the rich man's gold

All that you need is in your soul And you can do this, oh baby, if you try All that I want for you my son is to be satisfied

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