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What if? Part Two

What if the answer to your problem is in your mouth?

What if you knew their was power in your tongue?

What if God was showing you that YOU have the authority to speak and claim your promise?

Well, that's what God wants to show you today.

He has given us authority over all the earth. Luke 10:19 says We have the authority to cast out demons and trample on serpents, and the ability to exercise authority over ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY and that nothing will in any way harm us! If we would only believe!

He has called us to meditate on His written Word, and to speak OUTLOUD what is says.

In order to have victory in this life here on earth, you must learn to LISTEN, SPEAK and BELIEVE what God says to you in His Word.

Your mouth is so powerful, that you get what you SAY! DO NOT SAY, "I AM SICK, I HAVE _________ DISEASE." Do not say, That will NEVER happen to me." Do not say, "I CAN'T."

Instead, say what God says in Philippians 4:13, " I can do ALL THINGS through Him who strengthens me!" Believe that you can do ALL THINGS through Him who strengthens and empowers you. Remember, you must believe that it is true for it to work. Instead, you need to say what He says in His Word about the situation. "I am HEALED, WHOLE, DELIVERED, etc."

Look at a ship....the tiny little rudder on a huge ship is the primary control used to steer a ship. Compare your tongue to the rudder on a ship. Your tongue determines the course of your journey, whether you go this way or that, and it has great power! And that we are able to bridle our whole body with our tongue!

In James 3 it says THE TONGUE IS A FIRE! "And so the tongue is a small part of the body yet it carries great POWER!"

I learned the hard way for years how powerful your words are. Your body will line up with whatever you say and believe about it. I quit speaking about how I hurt, and how I had fibromyalgia, and how depressed I was, and low and behold, my body started to respond! Whatever you need in life, God's Word has a promise about your situation. Look up scriptures on sickness, fear, children, prosperity, or whatever you are believing for in the Word of God, and start speaking what God says about your situation. He is a good, good Father and it is His will for you to be healed and whole.

So be careful what you say, and be sure you are speaking life to your body and your situation, and watch it change before your very eyes!

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